Grade 10

This term the students will learn about radio broadcasting. Through using the design cycle, the students will make a study of a radio station and use this research to create an online radio station for SWA.


Today the students did a web search for a radio station to research. They also took a look at a small Australian community station here Radio Port Douglas

This station is run by Ms. Jane’s sister.



Today the Grade 10s learned to make a podcast. Here is a sample one. Click on the link

Jessica-Carmel-Se Jin Podcast


Students this week will learn more about logo design. Last week we looked at logos but there are still students that are confused between what is a logo and what is an emblem. Mr. Riga will lead the class this week to further your understanding between the two.

How to Make a Storyboard for a Music Video

The storyboard is a visual draft of a story; in this case, the story is set to music. The music dictates the visuals used in the video, thereby telling the story; or else the music supports the visuals, which means the story is already told and the music supplements the story. Either way, the storyboard provides a sketch of the flow of the audio and video. Storyboards are not set in stone and can be revised as needed. Here are a few guidelines to get you on your way to creating a storyboard for a music video.

Step 1

Get the lyrics of the song to understand what is being said and copy them to Word.

Step 2

Listen to the music to determine the tempo, beats and rhythm. Make notes on your Word doc.

Step 3

Get a copy of the blank storyboard form.

Step 4

Listen to the music again to document time codes, in minutes and seconds, for changes in the music, changes in rhythm and/or the playing of minor instruments.

Step 5

Sketch a scene on the storyboard according to a change in the music.

Step 6

Review the storyboard with the music to ensure the visuals and music relay the intended message.

Step 7

Draw arrows from one scene to the next and write the type of transition you will use between each scene.

Step 8

Present the storyboard to a third party for feedback


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