Grade 9

This quarter the students will study traditional architecture of Indonesia. By using the design cycle they will study the architectural style of a region and recreate this as a 3D virtual model. In small groups the students will build a dolls house based on their virtual design to be used by the Kindergarten students of SWA.


We have started recreating a Google Sketchup version of our chosen Indonesian houses. Here are some of the houses that the students are working on.

Kalimantan Jawa Barat 2-3 Aceh 2

Kalimantan                                  West Java                                        Aceh


Went to visit a Cheshire home today to find out more about how this group of people produce doll houses. Hopeful to set up some lessons for Gr 9 at the house which is in Cilandak. Next we need to finalise the Sketchup drawings, visit Taman Mini and then make blue prints for the doll houses. Lot’s of learning to cover and I’ll be learning too!



Picture 3

I have been working on designing a Batak house. It has been rather challenging!


Students are now working on Screencasting their Sketchup houses using voiceover. A little challenging but fun.


Last week the Grade 9s went to Taman Mini to see the traditional houses ‘up close and personal’. This week we will edit our on location podcasts and add to it the Sketchup model screencasts.

It will be FUN!


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