Virtual iPod


Here is a virtual iPod that I made using Flash. Click on the picture to see it.


iPhone app – Echomobi

I am playing with a new iPhone App called Echomobi. This is a talking translator. I tried it out using Korean and Mandarin. Very useful and quite powerful.

I am thinking about jail-breaking my iPhone. I want to use video streaming. HmmmSkype

My Indonesia Short Film Competition


‘My Indonesia’ Short Film Competition

This competition is open to all students, parents and teachers of the Sinarmas World Academy community. The theme is ‘My Indonesia’. All you need to do is create a 3 minute film or slideshow about Indonesia and share it to iTunes in medium size. The aspect ratio should be 4:3.

Fantastic Prizes!

First prize is an Apple iPhone, 2nd and 3rd prizes are iPod Shuffles. Adults are eligible to win an iPod Shuffle.

iphone_home ipod-shuffle

Make sure that you register at the SWA iQbar next to the Lotus Lounge. Deadline for films to be uploaded to the school server is 3pm on Thursday, 13th August.

HakiTree Logo Competition

Hakitree – What is it?
What is HAKItree?

Picture 2 This is the current logo

HAKItree is the first on-line resource for information about intellectual property (IP) in Indonesia — and it’s free!
It began with a simple idea: how great would it be if there was a “one-stop shop” for everything you need to know about intellectual property (IP) in Indonesia.
Our goal is build a comprehensive legal resource to the standard of publishing houses such as Thomson Reuters, Wolters Kluwer and Reed Elsevier, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of the IP community.
Our mission is to share knowledge with the wider IP community, providing free and unrestricted access to lawyers, students, judges, public prosecutors, government employees — in fact anyone who wants to have a look.
We believe that sharing knowledge will lead to change.

They are having a logo competition! You could win a 16GB iPod Touch

HAKItreedeserves a logo that reflects its coolness. Design it for us and you could win one of three 16GB iPod Touches! Details are here.

Welcome to SWA Technology

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